Relevant Experience (non-exhaustive)


Global News
Social Media Strategist

August 2014-present
As the point person for social media at Global News, I work with newsrooms across Canada as well as communications and marketing teams, sales and other stakeholders within Shaw Media Inc. I’m responsible for our strategy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat, Vine, YouTube and any other social network that pops up.

Toronto Star
Social Media Team Editor

June 2013-August 2015
-Manage, grow and populate the Star’s social media accounts
-Develop and implement social media strategies for editorial projects
-Create callouts and curate user generated content
-Co-ordinate, lead and promote live coverage
-Maintain up to date knowledge of social media trends
-Develop new approaches to digital storytelling and real-time newsgathering
-Seek out new audiences and engagement opportunities (including via Reddit, Stumbleupon, Longreads and more)
-Track and respond to analytics using measurement tools like Omniture, Chartbeat, Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics
-Teach and develop social media best practices

Toronto Star
Star Dispatches Production Editor

January 2013-June 2013
-Oversaw production of the Star’s award-winning Star Dispatches ebooks program

Ryerson School of Journalism/G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education
Part-time Journalism Instructor

Fall 2013-Winter 2015
-Taught the basic tenets of journalism as part of a revamped NNS101 Introduction to News Studies course
-Taught breaking news, audio recording/editing, photo editing, data visualization, Scribblelive, Storify and other storytelling tools as part of JRN112 Introduction to Digital Journalism course

Centennial College
Part-time Journalism Instructor

September-December 2012
-Guided students through social media best practices and introduced basic journalism principles such as fairness, balance, libel, proper attribution and accuracy to first-year journalism students
-Introduced storytelling tools such as Storify, Google Maps and Meograph
-Evaluated, critiqued, monitored progress and mentored students

Toronto Star
Radar/Flex Desk Editor

September 2011-January 2013
-Tracked and reacted to what’s making waves on Twitter, Facebook and other social media and predicted videos about to go viral
-Managed a daily file of content for online, print and mobile platforms
-Gathered information to augment breaking news coverage
-Assigned stories to reporters and coached them through writing process
-Tracked readership engagement with Google analytics and Omniture reports
-Wrote and edited multimedia elements for all platforms

Toronto Star
Team Editor
Training & Development

December 2009-September 2011
-Trained and arranged orientation for all new hires, including interns
-Taught NewsGate and TOPS content management systems
-Designed and delivered training programs based on needs of the newsroom
-Co-ordinated events, guest speakers and projects that encouraged development and improvement of journalism skills
-Championed craft skills and Star style standards as “Copy Chief”
-Trained staffers on social media best practices

Toronto Star
Copy editor/acting page editor
Entertainment and Living sections

December 2006-December 2009
-Filled in as Movies, What’s On, Saturday and Sunday page editor when
the regular editor was away
-Assigned stories, photos and multimedia to team of writers and photographers
-Administrated the department’s “Sketch” blog
-For 10 months, oversaw Food and Health sections and Toronto Star
Web Editor/Copy editor

September 2005-December 2009
-Edited and updated and print sections

Carleton University
Master of Journalism

University of Saskatchewan
B.A. English (with distinction)

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