I’m a versatile and highly adaptable journalist who can — and often does — fill many roles in the newsroom.

My dream job is my current one: Social Media Strategist for GlobalNews.ca.

Previously I was Social Media Team Editor at the Toronto Star, where I was responsible foThis is mer the social media strategy behind two National Newspaper Award-winning projects.

I also worked on #StarBigIdeas, a months-long project that sparked an ongoing conversation with Toronto citizens about how to improve the city.The project won a Gold Canadian Online Publishing Award for Best Use of Social Media and was a finalist for a Project of the Year NNA.

For six months, I was a member of the award-winning Star Dispatches eReads project. I’ve been a member (and sometimes leader) of the Toronto Star’s Flex Desk, an editing team that is deployed throughout the newsroom as needed. I’m also a breaking news editor specializing in digital journalism.

Previously I have been a reporter, editor and paginator working in print, television and online media.

Teaching is a passion of mine and I’ve been lucky to have worked at Centennial College and more recently at Ryerson University’s School of Journalism. I am a journalism trainer interested in journalism development and education opportunities.
I love social media and its influence on how we communicate. Increasingly, I’m interested in social media marketing.

Editing, Journalism training and development, digital news, breaking news, social media, grammar, entertainment, lifestyles, arts & leisure, post-secondary research, Fair Trade, cocktail culture.

One thought on “About

  1. I wonder if the Toronto Star, or any related outlets, would be interested in what I do. I’m a cartoonist with a bent towards social commentary. My interests are wide and varied. I also write and do illustrations. I think I could use an agent. Really like your blog, good work here.

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