The mid-year checkpoint

Checkpoint_Amsterdam_Logo (1)

It’s June 1, which means we’re halfway through 2016.

At this point in the year I like to take stock of the new year’s resolutions I made on Jan. 1.

I, like most of us, tend to lose my resolve as the winter drags on and turns to spring. This year for me has been particularly hectic, caring for a new baby with some unexpected health problems. But truthfully, every year around June 1 I find that my resolutions have gone by the way-side.

So in this second half of 2016, I once again firm up my commitments to living a better personal and professional life. I just finished flossing and I’m sipping my eighth glass of water as I type! We’ll see how long this lasts…I tend to do another check on July 1 just to keep on track.

Checkpoints are a useful tool in working life as well. At Global News our product team uses the Agile methodology, which is a project management process that has accountability checkpoints built in. Within the work lifecyle (Sprint) there are daily meetings (Scrums), weekly reports and monthly retrospectives. It’s the first time I’ve worked in Agile — and I don’t claim to be an expert — but I find the checkpoints efficient and helpful in terms of communication with the rest of the team.

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