Global News Facebook milestone: 1 million likes


The Global News main Facebook page recently hit 1 million fans.

A huge milestone to share with you: earlier this week, the main Global News Facebook page passed 1 million likes! This makes Global News the most popular privately held English media site on Facebook. (You can find all the Global News Facebook pages here.)

Global News has long been a powerhouse on Facebook; in December 2014 it was named the most engaging Canadian publisher, according to social analytics authority NewsWhip. NewsWhip tracked stories published by eight English Canadian publishers. Stories from received the most shares, likes and comments in December 2014. At the time, I stated that engagement is increasingly the key performance indicator that we monitor when it comes to social media. That information is often available only to a few in the newsroom, unlike a public stat such as Facebook page likes.

When I joined Global News as social media strategist back in August 2014, the page had only 460,000 fans. It’s been a pleasure working with the team to grow the community.

Given that I’m currently on maternity leave, social media strategist Andrew McKay has been entrusted with keeping the social media community thriving and growing. Way to go Andrew and the rest of the Global News team!

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