Why companies are fighting over .sucks domains

Global News

There’s the old-fashioned .com and .ca domains, or the less popular .net and .org that everyone knows.  But there’s also hundreds of others from .xxx to .shoes.

But one in particular is causing quite a bit of controversy: .sucks.

That’s right, beginning June 1, you can register whateveryouwanthere.sucks for approximately $250, but only if the trademark holder hasn’t already bought it.

Domain names are all registered with a central authority called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which a few years ago, decided to expand the list of website suffixes (technically called Top Level Domains) from the traditional .coms to an expanded, more specific, list.

As part of that process, the non-profit gave certain companies sole responsibility for registering certain domains; Vox Populi was made the sole registrant of .sucks domains.

And they’ve given brands until June 1 to claim theirs.

“Apple doesn’t want to have…

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