Google Canada aims to be ‘appropriate,’ not creepy, with mobile ad push in 2015

“The idea of what’s creepy and what’s appropriate is a constantly evolving thing,” says Steven Woods, engineering director for Google Canada.

Global News

TORONTO – 2014 was the year Google saw Canadians really flock to mobile devices.

It expects 2015 will be the year they become obsessed with them – if that isn’t true already.

“Users, and then in turn Google and our business, pivoted to mobile and mobile-first (strategies) in a big way,” says Sam Sebastian, managing director of Google Canada, looking back on 2014.

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“We had to pivot our business multiple times over the years but this past year the pivot to mobile was extremely important.”

Although most consumers probably associate Google with its search engine, its video streaming site YouTube and its mobile operating system Android, at its heart is an advertising business, which generated the lion’s share of the company’s nearly US$58 billion of revenue in 2013.

With Canadians spending less time accessing the Internet…

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