Australian news anchor learns identity of Sydney victim, breaks down

Can you imagine, having to report the death of someone you know, live on air?

Global News

TORONTO – Delivering the news on live TV of a 16-hour hostage standoff in a Sydney Lindt Chocolat Café was an especially emotional task for Channel 7 news anchor Natalie Barr, who appeared to learn that she knew one of the victims as she spoke the words on air.

“I’m just finding out, um…Katrina–Katrina Dawson was the sister of a prominent barrister, Sandy Dawson, who has done some work for Channel 7,” said Barr, before breaking down into tears. “The sister of Sandy Dawson, who I know, and who I have friends who know. She was a mother of three children….I’m just finding this out this morning.”

Barr’s co-anchor looked on in concern and emphasized the entire city of Sydney had a “heavy heart” from learning the news.

“She’s the youngest sister of the lawyer who does a lot of work for Channel 7, who many would know in Sydney, and that family…

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