Mapping out Saskatchewan Christmas decorations

A Saskie man needs help crowdsourcing a “sparkle tour” of holiday light displays.

Global News

REGINA – A Saskatchewan man is trying to map out every Christmas light display in the country but is having difficulty branching out into Saskatoon. Iann Gorrill, 34, begins the holiday season in mid-November with the goal of his website being the one-stop solution for all holiday decoration tours in Canada.

In 2012, he started with a simple Google map of festive homes around Regina.

“It’s just something that I’ve always enjoyed doing with my family and I wanted to be able to share it, I want everyone else to have the same type of experience, it’s kind of my gift to world,” said Gorrill, who is a network analyst.

“Last year, I decided to step it up a bit and we made an actual website for it and did a lot of coding for it and made users and submissions possible.”

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