Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram: User demographics

Today’s infographic is courtesy Buffer and Pew Research Center about the demographics behind popular social media networks. Pew is great for stats on society and technology and even though it’s American-centric, the info can often be extrapolated to a Canadian audience.

Some general stats I found interesting: everyone seems to be on Facebook, women are more active on social media overall and young people 18-29 are the most active users across all platforms.

More info on the survey, which was conducted in late 2012 and released last year, can be found here. This survey is over one year old, which is light years in social media. With anonymous social networks such as Secret, Whisper and Snapchat currently making inroads into the social media landscape, it will be interesting to see what a future survey will reveal.

Pew Research Center stats on social media demographics via Buffer.

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