Knight Journalism Fellowships: applications now open

English: Stanford University

Stanford University


What an amazing opportunity: A chance to spend 10 months experimenting, testing and creating ideas to improve the journalism industry during a paid stint at Stanford University.


Applications for the 2014-2015 John S. Knight Journalism


Fellows are being taken until Dec. 1 for international applicants.


Here’s how they describe it:


“We are not a traditional sabbatical-style fellowship program and we are seeking a different type of journalist. We are striving to re-engineer journalism by focusing on innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership — and we need your help.

Who are great candidates for our program? People who make things happen. Journalists and journalism entrepreneurs who are curious and optimistic about the opportunities presented by the dramatic changes in journalism. People who want to create something that will help other journalists as well as themselves.

Fellows in our program work on solving problems, from leveraging technology to help journalism, finding new ways to reach underserved communities, seeking innovative ways to financially support quality journalism as well as fostering independent journalism in countries without a history of a free press. We are not a digital fellowship and we are not a program focused solely on creating technology products or companies, although some fellows have done so.

We want journalists and journalism entrepreneurs who have a track record of accomplishment and are ambitious to do more; people who will make great use of a year at Stanford, in Silicon Valley and will keep innovating. We want journalists who are seeking new leadership roles in existing news organizations. We want people we’ll be proud to call John S. Knight Journalism Fellows in the years to come.”

More info here.


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