Published work

A selection of previously published work.

Social media:

Chipotle Mexican Grill amuses with bizarre tweets

Viral video: Harvard’s baseball team wants you to call them, maybe

Interconnect for pleasure or business

Virgin Festival: Don’t leave home without your cellphone!

Fostering political activism


Star Dispatches: learn more about our library

RUSH: Interactive look at the band’s studio albums

Mark Cullen’s gardening secrets: an interactive look

On Journalism:
#smwknd recap: top 10 new and upcoming (J-Source)

Mentorships matter, top editors agree

Journalism school nixes spelling test


Photo gallery: Cool Reykjavik

Europe travel: Six things to do in cool Reykjavik

Going from the ski slopes to the seaside in Beirut

Wild ride on India’s Siang River

World Juniors put the spotlight on Saskatchewan

Dallas’ Reunion Tower, home to the Cool & Spicy Margarita

Drinking in Abu Dhabi’s cocktail culture 

Cocktail culture:
Happy Hour: Wild west

Happy Hour: Trelawny’s Magic

Happy Hour: Herd about this martini?

Toronto cocktail guide: Movies and mixology at TIFF

Post-secondary research:
Birth of a new tourism and its growing pains

Health and Wellness:
GTA charitable athletic events get creative

Get prepped for Caribana with island-inspired workout

Other features:

Video: Local Legend Kathleen Byers

Local legend: Dancing, singing crossing guard Kathleen Byers delights crowds

Did the store overcharge you? No need to fume

‘Robosquirrels’ take on rattlesnakes in the wild

Want to work for Google? Here are their weirdest interview questions

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